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General Overview
At Clermont Direct Ltd all our clothes are ‘Off the Peg’ UK sizes. They will be very close in size to accurate off the peg high street shop sizes. That said, certain high street shops, intentionally or not, have been known to flatter their customers. Gents – you will be more comfortable in a pair of trousers that are your size, rather than a size you once were!

It is fairly straight forward to get this right however. All our sizes are what they say they are, so if you have a 35” waist then we strongly suggest you opt for the 36” waist trouser rather than the 34”. By the very nature of formal events, it is unlikely you will be fasting when wearing your suit! In any case, our trousers come with side adjusters to reduce the waist size by up to 2 inches if required.

Here is a simple guide on how to measure yourself for your correct sizes. It is advised that you take your body measurements as opposed to measurements over your clothes. Select the corresponding size to the measurement taken. i.e. if you have a 40” chest select the 40” jacket. If you are a 41” select the 42” jacket.

Jacket Chest Size
Measure around your back and across your chest at the fullest part.

Jacket Length
This is best taken from an existing jacket in your collection. The measurement is taken from the base of the collar at the back of the jacket down to the bottom of the jacket.

Sleeve Length
Again this is best taken from an existing jacket. Measure from the tip of the shoulder at the join where the arm meets the body of the jacket, down to the end of the sleeve.

Chest Size 36"     38"    40"    42"   44"   46"     48"   50"    52"   
Short Jacket Length 29.5"    29.75"    30" 30.25" 30.5" 30.75"  31" 31" 31.25"
Sleeve Length 24.25" 24.5" 24.75" 25" 25.25" 25.5" 25.5" 25.75" 25.75"
Reg Jacket Length 30.5"    30.75"    31" 31.25" 31.5" 31.75"  32" 32" 32.25"
Sleeve Length 25.25" 25.5" 25.75" 26" 26.25" 26.5" 26.5" 26.75" 26.75"
Long Jacket Length 31.5"    31.75"    32" 32.25" 32.5" 32.75"  33" 33" 33.25"
Sleeve Length 26.25" 26.5" 26.75" 27" 27.25" 27.5" 27.5" 27.75" 27.75"

Trouser Waist
Measure the area on your waist where you like to wear your trousers. This should be your natural waistline for formal trousers; however this is down to personal comfort.

Trouser Inside Leg
This is often best taken from an existing pair of well fitting trousers you have. Measure from the crotch down the inside seam to the end of the trouser leg. When wearing formal trousers, the trouser leg should just break on your shoe when standing up straight. We offer a choice of 3 leg lengths, however each pair come finished with approximately 1.5 inches of hem, so they can easily be adjusted if needed.

Shirt Collar Size
Measure around the middle of your neck, and depending on how loose you require the collar, you may want to take the next half size up.

Shirt Sleeve Length
This measurement is taken from the centre back of the shirt to the end of the arm. Our shirts only come in one sleeve length per collar size. As a general rule, they have fairly generous regular length arms. There is some minor adjustment in the double cuffs, but if you have relatively short arms, you may need to wear arm bands.

Collar Size 14.5"    15"  15.5"    16"     16.5"   17"      17.5"       18"    18.5" 19" 19.5"
To Fit Chest   36"      38"    40"  42"    44"  46"     48"       50"    52" 54" 56"
Sleeve Length 34" 34" 35" 35.5" 35.5" 36" 36.5" 37" 37" 37.5" 37.5"